Thursday, February 7, 2013

Almost done with Week Two!

I made it through two days of travel for work and managed to stay 100% on plan!  It wasn't easy, I had to carefully plan ahead and I took a cooler with me.  The only meal I didn't take with me was lunch on Wednesday when I was driving home.  I stopped at Subway and got a 6" turkey on whole wheat, no cheese, lots of veggies and mustard.

Today is the last workout of week 2 and then tomorrow is a rest day.  So far so good!

As for the recipes - I tried the Almond Crusted Chicken - it was good but maybe a little bland.  I would recommend adding more spice of your choice.  The Broiled Tiliapia with herbs and mushrooms was AWESOME!  Super easy and turned out great - even the kids liked it.  I made the Frittata for lunch today and it was yummy!  Again, might be a little bland for some folks as it was for me but that's an easy fix by just adding more of whatever spices you prefer.

One of the snacks you can have is for 3 oz. of low-fat cheddar and an apple.  I substituted low-fat cheddar for 3 of the light Baby Bels.  This is a great snack that ends up feeling more like a meal - very satisfiying with the richness of the cheese and sweetness of the apple.

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