Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Two:  Okay folks listen up - I weighed in on Saturday morning which was the end of week one and the first day of week two.  I lost 5 pounds!!!  So excited!  That was exactly what I needed to have happen to keep me motivated.

Over the weekend I continued to stay exactly on track even though it was my daughter's 10th birthday.  We went out to eat on Saturday night and I skipped the bread and the apps and ordered an 8 oz filet mignon and only ate half.  I did eat the full side of green beans :)

I baked the Pumpkin Cranberry muffins over the weekend and I thought they were great!  They do taste "healthy" but they are good.  If you like things super sweet though you might not be impressed.

I tried the Creamy Cucumber Yogurt Salad.  One problem - if you look at the photo the cucumbers are sliced but the receipe says to grate them.  I chose to slice them and the salad did not turn out very well.  There was way too much dressing for the amount of cucumber.  I think if I had actually grated the cucumber it might have worked out better.  Flavor was okay though.

Two thumbs up for the Calamari with Salsa Verde though - awesome!


  1. Are those recipes posted somewhere online or in a book?

  2. Great job Susan! I can't wait to get started! I am hoping mine comes in by the end of the week! Soooo ready!

  3. Jena - The recipes are in her cook book that comes with the program